Beauty From Above

by reid stevens

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Reid Stevens - vocals, guitars, keys, mandolin & percussion (all tracks); drums (1, 2, 5 & 12)
Brian Delgross - bass (all except *3, 5, 8 & 12)
Doug Hale - lead gtr (all except *3, 5, 8 & 12)
Banister Murray - drums (tracks 4, 6, 7, 9-11)
Penny Murray - background vocals (track 4)
Jeff Wright - bass, gtr, keys & drums* (3 & 8)

Audio Engineering: All songs tracked, mixed & mastered by Banister Murray at The Note Pad (Atlanta, GA) and tracked at 33 1/3 Studios except *tracked & mixed by Jeff Wright at Riot Studios (Atlanta, GA)

CD Review: Beauty From Above, the newest and 17th release by Reid Stevens (33 1/3 Records), takes off from where Songbird (2015 EP) ended, while creating new sonic landscapes for your imagination to explore.

Beauty From Above contains 12 solid tracks, which were built upon a common theme (space & atmospheric rock), which upon first listen captivates. While half of the album contains the following instrumental compositions: Northern Lights (dynamic intro), Aurora (sonic continuation), Winter Sky (sublime hints of Asian koto guitar with a blend of jazz) & Beauty (closing track & reprise); they're melodic yet powerful enough to captivate the listener for repeat plays.

Quality lyrics & vocals dominate the other half of the release containing Beauty From Above (melodic title track), Colors of Emotion (powerful stadium anthem), Many Wonders (introspective mid tempo rocker) and Angels Wings (ethereal romantic ballad).

As a bonus, four additional tracks (Mystery, Starlight, Vega & Spectrum) have been added to round out this newest release from 33 1/3 Records.

Returning musicians include: Brian Delgross (bass for all songs except the title track) & Banister Murray (from Hippocrene on drums & percussion for 6 songs). Additionally, Jeff Wright (first time contributor) plays guitar, electric piano and bass on the title track and reprise). Doug Hale (Grey Sunday & Hippocrene) plays lead guitar for all tracks except title track & reprise. Hippocrene lead vocalist, Penny Murray guests & provides backing vocals on "Many Wonders". Reid plays electric & acoustic guitars, piano/keys, mandolin, additional percussion (all tracks) while singing lead / background vocals and even drums on 4 songs.


released May 27, 2016

all songs written, arranged & produced by Reid Stevens for 33 1/3 Records
all songs ©2016 33 1/3 Records®
all songs ©2016 RRS Music®
all songs ©2016 33 1/3 Music Publishing®
all songs ©2016 33 1/3 Music Group®



all rights reserved


reid stevens Atlanta, Georgia

Reid combines timeless classic sounds, progressions, positive lyrics and applies that as a modern day singer/songwriter. His 21st release, Step Inside, is available now (digital) & limited edition cd's are available at release concerts this Summer.

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Track Name: northern lights (intro)
Track Name: aurora
Track Name: beauty from above*
Beauty From Above
Words & music by Reid Stevens
Copyright 2015 33 1/3 Records

Intro (verse)

Verse 1:
And unity;
These are things
that give light unto love

Verse 2:
From happenstance;
So take a chance
And live the dance;
This is what the world needs right now

And that's the beauty from above


Verse 3:
Angels & mercy;
Sweet mystery;
Peace that conquers all negativity

Verse 4:
Truth & purity;
Speak through the majestic gift of love

Repeat chorus X4
Track Name: many wonders
Many Wonders
Words & Music by Reid Stevens
Copyright 2015 33 1/3 Records

Verse 1:
All alone I search my thoughts;
For the right words to say

Verse 2:
Yesterday is all but gone;
Yet, so much of it remains

Many Wonders
(So Many Wonders)
Many wonders
left to see;
Many wonders
(So many wonders)
Many wonders
A Mystery

Solo (2 verses)
Repeat chorus

Verse 3:
Deep down in my soul;
I hear You calling me
From Your Spirit & Your Word

Deep reflection;
Your calming voice;
Whisper words to live out love

Verse 4:
Today we look for signs & seasons;
And hold on to Your promises;
You're returning to rescue us
Just as You said that You would

Repeat chorus
Track Name: winter sky
Track Name: colours of emotion
Colours of Emotion
Words & music by Reid Stevens
Copyright 2015 33 1/3 Records

Verse 1:
Magnetic midnight
Between the sun & earth;
A cosmic collision
Radiate the sky's birth

Verse 2:
From the Arctic circle
Ice station wanderer;
Mystique in the Oasis
Through the eye of the storm

Colours of Emotion
Colours of Emotion
Colours of Emotion

Verse 3:
As skywatchers daily
of this long journey;
The spectacle we follow
on this voyage of beauty

Verse 4:
Visions of shimmering
lights in the distance;
Illuminate The new day
from the darkness of night

Repeat chorus

From the solar wind system;
The Colours of Emotion
Paint the horizon again;
Sky watching daily;
The spectacle we follow
On this voyage of beauty within

Repeat chorus

(Beauty flows from the Colours of Emotion)
Track Name: angels wings
Angels Wings
Words & Music by Reid Stevens
Copyright 2015 33 1/3 Records

Verse 1:
Riding into the sunset;
Flying in the breeze;
Living in the moment;
Our minds are at ease

Verse 2:
Racing after midnight;
Our hearts soar to breathe;
Throw caution to the wind;
And chase the melody

What a thing of beauty;
for all of us to see;
To catch a feather
of the angels wings

Solo (2 verses)
Repeat chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
A day to remember;
A time to receive;
This golden treasure;
Of the most heavenly

Verse 4:
Cherubim & Seraphim;
The mighty soar to the Highest;
On our way back home;
Entertaining; they invite

Repeat chorus

Tag Outro:
To catch a feather
of the Angels Wings

(In memory of Keegan : November 2009-September 2015)
Track Name: beauty (reprise)*
Track Name: spectrum (bonus track)
Words & Music by Reid Stevens
Copyright 2016 33 1/3 Records

Verse 1: (Red)
There's a Light of the world
that shines so bright;
There is hope in you
to search inside

Verse 2: (Orange)
There is faith to know
all will work out right;
There is love in your heart
that beats tonight


Verse 3: (Yellow)
There is time and a season
to make plans;
There are dreams so real;
Imagine, yes, you can

Verse 4: (Green)
A kaleidoscope of colours everywhere

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: (Rainbow)
Reach out take hold
O breath of life;
Reach in
let love begin tonight

Verse 5: (Blue)
The sweetest symphony
to your ears;
Write down the vision
& overcome your fears

Verse 6: (Indigo)
Look not with anger
as its a deadly snare;

Repeat Chorus

Verse 7: (Violet)
There's a Light of the world
that shines so bright;
There is hope in you
to search inside
There is faith to know;
all will work out right

Repeat Chorus x3