by reid stevens

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released July 1, 2003

©2003 RRS Music / ©2003 33 1/3 Records®
All Songs written, arranged & produced by Reid Stevens
except* ©2003 RRS Music/BT Songs / ©2003 33 1/3 Records®

Audio Engineering: Banister Murray @ The Note Pad
Assisted by Reid Stevens & Paul Berger
CD Mastering by: Rodney Mills @ Rodney Mills' Masterhouse (Duluth, GA) (June 2003)

Reid Stevens- Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Keys (all tracks)
Paul Berger - Bass (all tracks)
Reni Rivera - Drums & Percussion (all tracks)
Banister Murray - Djembe & Additional Drums (tracks 4 & 13)
Penny Murray - Background Vocals (tracks 8 & 11)
Alex Filacchione - Guitar Solo # 2 (track 2); Guitar Solo (track 6)
C. Jason Brazell - Guitar Solo # 1 (track 2); Gutiar Solo (tracks 5 & 9)
Brian Turner - Keys & Electric Guitar (track 11)



all rights reserved


reid stevens Atlanta, Georgia

Reid combines timeless classic sounds, progressions, positive lyrics and applies that as a modern day singer/songwriter. His 21st release, Step Inside, is available now (digital) & limited edition cd's are available at release concerts this Summer.

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Track Name: east west
(instrumental track)
Track Name: discovery
Discovery ©2003 RRS Music
Words and Music by Reid Stevens

Verse 1:
I open my eyes to the light of Day;
As I Enter the door to Discovery;
I wanna know, wanna see,
wanna feel everything that’s real,
everything that’s real

Verse 2:
I look in the room of Mystery;
From the 7 Wonders to the 7 Seas;
Through time and space a journey set for me,
before me

The storms may come like a raging sea;
But they’ll never triumph for You hold the key;
In the arms of love I will truly be free,
be truly free

Verse 3:
I call on Your name for eternity;
We walk the road in victory;
Gotta learn, gotta grow,
gotta share everything that I know;
...everything that I know

Repeat Bridge
Solo # 1

Verse 4:
The storms may come like a raging sea;
But I know the love that lives in me;
In the arms of love I will truly be free, truly free

Solo # 2

Verse 5:
Above the mountains and the seas;
We walk the road in victory;
Surely Goodness and Mercy are with me,
...are with me

Verse 6:
Come join the quest and live in peace;
Be glad you joined the Discovery;
The God that gives all life will set you free,
...will set you free

Solo # 3
Repeat Bridge
Repeat verse 1
Repeat Bridge
Track Name: every single day
Verse 1:
Every day is a brand new day;
I reach out (with) my hands to pray;
I can't hide it; I get Excited!

Verse 2:
Every time that I look in your eyes;
You show me your full surprise;
I can't hide it, I can't deny it!

Every Single Day;
Every Word You say;
It's something straight from the heart;
Every Single hour;
You show me Your might and Your power;
It's something straight from the heart, yeah!!!

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Every time I draw near;
I overcome my greatest fear;
I can't hide it; I can't deny it!!!

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: flying (version 1)
Verse 1:
Whatever in this life;
Wherever you may be;
Together we will stand; Ever patiently

Verse 2:
I know it must be true;
We must not dwell in the past;
Sometimes when we spoke;
I often thought it would last

I’m Flying, (flying)
trying just to reach the other side
I’m Flying, (flying)
trying just to reach the other side;
But, I cant do it; (I just can’t do it)
I cant do; (just can’t do it);
without your wings to fly, yeah!...

Flying, flying so high
Take these wings and learn how to fly
[SOLO] --- 2 verses

Verse 3:
Through the fields of gold;
The rows of grain;
Scaling every mountain;
Skimming every lake

Verse 4:
All across the world;
Into every town;
Singing in the silence;
In silence and in sound

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge
Track Name: california
Verse 1/Chorus:
I’m going to California
I’m gonna pack up my bags
I’m going to California
This is the way it must be

Bridge # 1:
Can’t You
see this is the time that I live my dream
You know this is true
Can’t You see
you know it’s gonna take some time , oh yeah

Verse 2/Chorus:
I’m going to California
I’m gonna stake my claim
I’m going to California
This is the way it will be

Repeat Bridge # 1:


Repeat verse 1 /Chorus

Bridge # 2:
What A Wonderful Life
What a wonderful time this will be
What A Wonderful life
What a wonderful time; come with me

Repeat verses 1 & 2:
Outro: (repeat chords for a verse)
Track Name: portrait (of a memory)*
Portrait (of a Memory)
Words & Music
by Reid Stevens & Brian Turner
Copyright 2003
33 1/3 Records

... Remember me (whispered)

Verse 1:
The fondest days of my memory
Have brought me back to you;
Where I dream of the quiet getaways;
And the time we were two

Verse 2:
And how I remember ;
all those summer nights
where we'd walk along the grove ;
We would try to catch
all of those fire flies ;
they would light up our road

Chorus 1:
I feel a burning
Deep in my heart;
Just like I knew it
right from the start
... And it remains

Oohs (solo verse)

Chorus 2:
I feel a burning deep in my heart;
Just like I knew it right from the start
And it remains

It remains in my heart;
Pure as a part only for you;
It strengthens our love;
to fly as a dove;
calling to you

Verse 3:
The image of you stays with me;
Reminds me of our love;
I see a moment locked in time;
A portrait of you all mine

Verse 4:
Now I'm here on this place
I feel that lasting embrace
The time has come;
We must move on;
So love will not be erased

... Remember me (whispered)
Track Name: 12 stars
Track Name: flying (version 2)
(instrumental version without djembe of flying version 1)
Track Name: discovery (reprise)
instrumental version of Discovery