by reid stevens

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released October 23, 2007

©2007 33 1/3 Records®

All Songs written, arranged and produced by Reid Stevens except* written by Reid Stevens & Keith Cox

Audio Engineering: Banister Murray @ The Note Pad
Assisted by Reid Stevens and Jim Dennee
CD Mastering: Rodney Mills @Rodney Mills' Masterhouse (Duluth, GA) October, 2007

Reid Stevens -Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitars (all tracks)
Keith Cox - Keys and Piano (all tracks)
Jim Dennee -Guitars, Lap/Pedal Steel Guitar, Mandolin
Penny Murray -Background Vocals (tracks 2,8,10 & 13)
Jamie Reynolds -Bass (all tracks)
Barry Richman -Electric Guitar (tracks 3,4,8 & 10)
Reni Rivera -Drums & Percussion (all tracks)



all rights reserved


reid stevens Atlanta, Georgia

Reid combines timeless classic sounds, progressions, positive lyrics and applies that as a modern day singer/songwriter. His 21st release, Step Inside, is available now (digital) & limited edition cd's are available at release concerts this Summer.

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Track Name: sunrise (on a new day)
Sunrise on a new day, sunshine on a new day
Hold the sun; behold the Son

Verse 1:
Whenever we’re in days of sorrow
Look up to the sky for tomorrow's
Sunrise (sunrise)

Verse 2:
In the spirit of expectation
The best is yet to be the very next
Sunrise (sunrise)

Things can only get better
Everything can only get better

Repeat Chorus (X2)
Solo (verse X2)
Repeat Chorus (X2)

Verse 3:
The days of old won’t be forgotten
We learn from them and move towards the very next sunrise (sunrise)

Verse 4:
These times are special to have you with us
Be thankful each day for the life we’re given … sunrise (sunrise)

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus (X2)
Outro (Chorus X2) … (sung acapella) … Sunrise
Track Name: atmosphere
Verse 1:
You act as if you think you are the missing link;
What happens when you blink? Do you catch a wink?

Verse 2:
Still thirsty when you drink? Or hunger as you eat?
Living water’s what you need; The tree of life to breathe (into your atmosphere)

Instrumental Bridge

Solo (verse X4)
Repeat Bridge (X2)

Verse 3:
3 days before Your grace, the world was such a crazy space;
Men lied right to Your face; You suffered in our place

Verse 4:
We need your strong embrace and Word to fill our days;
Teach us to love with grace and serve in all Your ways (in Your atmosphere)

Instrumental Bridge # 2

Repeat Verse (X4)
Track Name: goldenlight
Golden dreams covered my eyes
In the brightest sunshine
Golden waves brushed over time

Golden Crowns cast to His feet
He is our first love
No tears; no pain
We'll see the Son Shine

In the brightest sunshine (x2)
He is; He is the Goldenlight
The brightest sunshine

Goldenlight (Spirit of life, burning bright, day and night) X2

Repeat Chorus

Goldenlight in your the Spirit
Faith, Hope, Love from the greatest Mind
Prayers are lifted to the highest gates
For the Son to receive all your praise

Glory abounds with the One
There is no greater love
Praise awaits you (X2)

V5: (Repeat of Verse 1)

Come all, cast out your nets
On the web and in the sea
Gather up all the fish and bread
So more can be fed

V7: (Repeat Verse 4)… praise awaits You

Repeat Chorus (X2)

Goldenlight spirit of life; Goldenlight burning bright
Praise awaits You

Goldenlight spirit of life; Goldenlight day and night
Praise awaits You; Praise awaits You

Goldenlight spirit of life; Goldenlight burning bright
Praise awaits You

Goldenlight praise in light (X2)
Track Name: trailblazer
Verse 1:
All I need is a shot of love, flying right into space
Rising high above the mountains; on a nuclear race

Verse 2:
Moving high or hanging low, we are right in your face;
Changing directions faster than a bullet; when only seconds count

It’s Just a Shot of Love, Just a shot of love
Trailblazer, trailblazer yeah!

Solo #1 (verse X2)

Verse 3:
Time is clicking faster day to day; we’re on the path for it;
Greed corrupts even the purest heart and leaves no one safe

Verse 4:
There’s a way to live a better life; much better than before;
Look up and read the writing in the sky; just as it was foretold

Repeat Chorus (X2)
Solo #2/ Outro (chorus X 4)
Track Name: fire
Verse 1:
I see the sky is a blaze;
Like fire burning right in my face

Verse 2:
I’m inspired to do the best that I can
In spite of everything that I am

I only wanted the best to see the light of day;
I looked into your eyes and you showed me the way

I can see the fire in your eyes;
I can see the light that makes them shine;
I can see desire in your heart;
I can see the fire in your eyes; I can see the light ;
I can see the fire


Verse 3:
You want to know who I am
And I want to see through your plans

Verse 4:
Why, do we not say what we mean?
Are there words to express just how we feel?

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Solo X3
Track Name: inner flame
Verse/Chorus #1:
There’s an inner flame that burns for me;
That can burn for you, if you want it, too

Verse/Chorus # 2:
Reach out and take hold;
Reach out and be bold

So reach out and take hold;
Reach out and be bold
Track Name: going back to old days
Verse 1:
Looks like we’re going back to old days;
Like we’re on our first date;
Going back to old days yeah, yeah;
Like we’re on our first date

So remember when you were the only one;
And so let’s jump in now that we’re having fun

Verse 2:
Going back to old days
Like we’re at the movies
Going back to old days yeah, yeah
Like we’re on our first date, yeah

Repeat Bridge

Solo (verse & bridge)

Verse 3:
Going back to old days
Like it was your birthday
Going back to old days yeah, yeah
Like it was your birthday yeah

Bridge 2: (same chords as regular Bridge)
Remember when you were so very young
So let’s think back to when we had so much fun

Going back to old days (X4)
Track Name: fly with you
Verse 1:
Heavy on my heart as the world takes stage;
Guilty are those of us who act on rage;
Maybe someday life would lead me back to you

Verse 2:
I never really had a shadow of doubt;
To know what you’re really all about;
Hoping someday life would bring me back to you

Just when I saw you, dear;
Your smile washed away all of my tears

I cannot hesitate
or look at past mistakes;
I just wanna fly with you;
I cannot understand
or look at past demands;
I just wanna fly with you

Solo (verse X2)/ bridge (w/ vocals)

Verse 3:
Just as life gives you roses to share;
Thorns nearby can stick with despair;
Maybe they won’t harm;
If you handle them with care

Verse 4:
People need a reason;
something more in their day;
So they will take flight
and spread their wings;
And soar to new heights;
to discover why they breathe

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus 3 X
Track Name: only love
Verse 1:
So let’s begin, I gotta’ tell you;
What keeps me hangin’ on

Verse 2:
Let’s face the facts ;
It keeps me guessing, but keeps me moving on

It’s Only Love, an outpouring, from my heart to you;
It’s Only Love, that I’m adoring, that brings me home to you;
It’s Only Love, it’s only love, it’s only love, that brings me back, that brings me back

That brings me back to you

Solo (verse X 2)
Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
So this is it, I gotta tell you
What keeps me pressing on

Verse 4:
Let’s face the truth
It keeps me going; that I belong to You

Repeat Chorus
Outro (repeat chorus and last tag line of chorus X2)
Track Name: all that you do!
Verse 1:
Baby, have you seen the sign
on the side of the road?
Maybe, can you read the words
before they blur your mind?
...Or will they leave you behind?
Or will they leave you behind?

Verse 2:
Lately, I seem to notice more about you.
And, maybe some crazy things
That I never used to.
...So, am I out of my mind?
Am I just too blind?

And all that you do;
I just can’t get through;
To let you know
we should be together

Bridge # 1:
I love to see you smile;
hold me just a little while

Solo (verse X2)

Verse 3:
Lady, can you see me hangin'
on the side of the road?
Now, baby can’t you believe
that I’m needin’ a ride?
That I’m needin’ a ride.
...Or am I just out of time?

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge # 1

Bridge # 2:
Forever, yeah....
Forever, yeah....

Repeat Chorus X2
Track Name: hold on to love
Verse 1:
Sometimes I want to close my eyes;
Sometimes I want to disappear

Verse 2:
Some days I feel like letting go;
Some days I want to get away

Reach out take hold;
Hold on to love, hold on to love;
When things get tough;
Hold on to love, hold on to love

Solo (instrumental verse)

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
If you could look inside my mind;
Then you would see into my soul

Verse 4:
Somedays I just don’t know where to go;
What are the reasons we hold on?

Repeat Chorus (X4)

You can hold on (X4)
Hold on...
Track Name: this road together
Verse 1:
We’re on this road together;
In spite of stormy weather I feel
I’m reaching out, but all you do is hurt

Verse 2:
We’re in this time together;
In places new wherever we go;
I’m reaching out; when all you do is hurt

Verse 3:
When are you going to make the change?
When are you going to make the change?
I know, I’m reaching out, but all you do is hurt

I still love you, I still trust you;
How I love you ;
And You love me

Solo (verse X2)

Verse 4:
Be glad of this time forever;
In spite of stormy weather we;
I’m reaching out, but all you do is hurt

Verse 5:
I know things will be better
In places new wherever we go
I’m reaching out so I just need to know
Track Name: in the light of your love*
Verse 1:
You give me peace;
You bring me love;
You give me joy;
Up from above

Verse 2:
You give me strength
To carry on
Reflecting your life
In the light of Your love

Chorus: (X2)
In the light of your love;
There’s no where better, no where better

Solo (verse X2)
Repeat Chorus (X2)

Verse 3:
You bring me love;
You give me joy;
Up from above

Verse 4:
To carry on;
Reflecting my life;
In the light of your love (x2)

Repeat Chorus (X2)
Track Name: the mission
Verse 1:
In the days to come,
we must move on,
to share His love,
with all the world;

If the world’s to truly be one,
then we can come,
together in unity

Verse 2:
There may be tough times,
there may be some struggle, yeah;
There might be some blood shed,
if we are to say,
what He commands us,
then let's rise up and act now!

Verse 3:
If we who are called by His name,
shall stand up and do the same;
Than He will guide us,
He shall provide for us,
He will lead us in …
The Mission

Solo (X2)

Verse 4:
Hope, Faith and Love;
all in harmony,
oh sweet unity,
the Trinity;

In the Mission,
how I’m wishing,
that all would listen
...and catch the vision

Verse 5:
The politicians,
too many cooks in the kitchen;
have they gone fishing?
Don’t know what they are missing;
stuck a in spiritual prison...

Verse 6:
Then all could share in God’s provision
and Co-mission;
To see the vision;
check their heart condition;
break their addictions

Verse 7:
Accept this proposition;
say goodbye to malnutrition;
whatever condition;
No more opposition;
be healed by The Great Physician
… in The Mission

The Mission...