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by reid stevens

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Harvest 02:54
Lord of The Harvest Copyright 2019 33 1/3 Records® Words & Music by Reid Stevens Verse 1: Patience, peace & joy; Love & self control; gentleness, faithfulness; Kindness, goodness, gracious Lord Verse 2: Your Word is like Living Water; Flowing from the branches on every tree; From this vine You bore our cross; Together we stand in victory Chorus: The Lord of The Harvest; It's a blessing to sing this song; Your Word bears witness; Gives us life to carry on Solo (verse) Repeat Chorus Verse 3: And this I pray that you be filled; With the fruit of righteousness; For God’s my witness; how I long for you; All of the affections of Jesus' truth Verse 4: The God of Jehovah will sanctify Pray your spirit will truly fly Into the arms of of love in Christ The everlasting prince of peace Repeat Chorus
More Than Life words & music by Reid Stevens 2019 33 1/3 Records Verse 1: Once there was a time; There was a place; There was a sign, yeah; Verse 2: You came to this life; To give Your own; To make us sound and safe Pre-chorus: And I, longing to know; Longing to be; right by Your side; O Lord, help me to see; Teach me to sing Your songs of praise Chorus: And I, I love you more; than life itself; More than all know; And I, I love you more; than life itself; More than the heavens glow Bridge #1: Lord, teach me each day; Help me to say with all my heart; I love You more than life itself Repeat Chorus Solo Verse 3: Time, just seconds away; Moments each day; It’s time we follow (high vox) Bridge 2: ...And I, want to be near; Close to You here; I’ll hear ... and obey Repeat Chorus Repeat Pre-Chorus Repeat Chorus x3
I Will 03:05
Verse 1: I will worship You with all my heart; I will lift Your name; Praise You on high; Lord, we seek Your holy face; Lord, we come to You this day; Lord of life, our true redeemer lives; I will worship You Verse 2: Lord, You gave Your life for all to see; Shed Your blood on the cross at Calvary; Lord, in spirit and truth we praise; Lord, we seek Your holy face; Lord of Love, our true redeemer reigns; We will worship You Chorus: And we will worship You; With our hands up to the sky; And We will worship You: With our lives we glorify; You're our loving Father; We cannot deny; We will worship You With all we sacrifice Solo verse Repeat Chorus Verse 3: You're the Father, Son, the Trinity; magnified at birth for all to see; Lord, we praise Your holy name; Lord, we look for Your return; Lord of grace, our mighty Savior reigns; We will worship You Repeat Chorus
Shine 03:44
Verse 1: Ooh, I feel it now; Rising in the air; Just like a Star shining east to west Shine Verse 2: Can you sense His presence; The presence of The Lord; Shine Verse 3: His Holy fire; in our hearts out poured; His fountain flows; Giving us new life The Holy of all hosts; Calls us; cast our cares Chorus: (x2) Shine beautiful Savior; Shine for all the world to see; Shine wonderful redeemer; Our living Word; We invite You to set the captives free Solo Verse 4: We are called to be salt in light; To cast out darkness from the night Verse 5: And to share the Message; We pray and Hope Repeat Chorus x2 Repeat verse 1 Repeat verse 2 Repeat Chorus x2
Silent 03:16
Verse 1: In this room; There is a light that Shines; It burns for You; And Like a candle that never dies; It glows inside of me; Day or night Verse 2: This mystery; So wonderful and true; For all to see; Who surrender their hearts to live; For You today; It’s the Only way Chorus: My silent prayer; It's a way of showing; My silent prayer; It's my day of knowing; My silent prayer It’s a way of showing you my only care Solo Bridge: silent prayer; It’s my way of solitude; A silent prayer Verse 3: All I can do; is honor You; In privacy; You know my every thought; Before each breath; Each step I take; My silent prayer Verse 4: My request today; Is for all to know You; As their King; And Lord of their lives; To let it out and shine; All inside Repeat Chorus Verse 5: This melody; Is a sweet sound in Your ears; A symphony of angels sing; To glorify; You for all eternity; This silent prayer Repeat Chorus
Searching 02:44
Words & Music by Reid Stevens Copyright 2019 RRS Music / 33 1/3 Records Verse 1: I got a feeling; it’s somewhere that I’m searching; For the meaning; Of grace, hope & mercy; (And it’s holding me up;) (Yes, it’s holding me up) Verse 2: Like a light now; That it’s shining through my window; And it’s holding; Holding the answer (And it’s) calling my name Yes, it’s calling my name Solo Verse 3: I’ve been pretending; to know more than I should; I’ve been demanding; Thinking all should be applauding; (And it’s pulling me down;) (Yes it’s pulling me down) Bridge: By my faith is stronger in your presence; And your grace is where I really matter; That shining place getting closer ... Chorus: I keep searching Verse 4: I’ve been seeking Your face & Your glory; Lord, I’m pleading, come help and restore me; And it’s time that I do Your will; (x2) Verse 5: You’re why I’m reaching; You’re the only one I need, Lord; And I’m feeling better about this daily; And I’m holding You up; Yes, I’m holding You up; Verse 6: Be the center; And pull me inward; Just to You, Lord; You’re the one truth to salvation; Now, I’m living for You; Yes, I’m living for You Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus x 3
Remember 03:48
Remember Copyright 2019 33 1/3 Records Words & Music by Reid Stevens Verse 1: I remember the time long ago in my life; When our love was so strong; Seemed so good; seemed so right Verse 2: You were only a girl in your teens; On prom night; With your hair in a bow; And a dress outta sight Bridge: Our emotions grew; Dancing slow; Cheek to check; Toe to toe ; And you said ... Chorus: Remember your first love; Remember who made you; Remember The Lord above; The One without sin; Remember His kindness; Remember He's gracious; Remember who saved us; The Son without sin Verse 3: Dancing slow to sound of the music from the band; The hour was right and the night in our hands; Verse 4: You were shining bright Like a star in the sky; You pointed me to the brightest One That night Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus
Magnify 03:07
Magnify Words & music by Reid Stevens Copyright 2019. 33 1/3 Records Verse 1: Stars; light up the sky; heavens shine; The earth replies Verse 2: more of You; and less of me; I'm calling out to Praise Verse 3: God, Our Father whom All blessings flow; We call to You Chorus 1: We; We Magnify; We bow; Before Your throne Verse 4: Lights shine in the sky; Words of grace; Your heart speaks; Verse 5: Peace; be still for me; silent myst, mystery Solo Repeat Chorus x 2 Verse 6: Stars; light up the sky; heavens shine; We magnify Verse 7: Love; so rich and true; Nothing compares; Compares to You Verse 8: Peace; greater still Our Love ; always; Emmanuel Verse 9: Stars; light up the sky; heavens shine; We magnify
Verse1: You want peace; Time to live; Money to burn; But have nothing to give Verse 2: You want life; Freedom to sail; But you’re Lost like a ship; out in the ocean; Chorus: You need love; love & devotion Solo Repeat Chorus Verse 3: You ask for more; More than a lot; How much is enough? (Can you) give all you’ve got? Repeat Chorus Verse 4: This is the day; Joy To The World, We have Faith; To put action into motion;
Rejoice 02:28
Chorus: Rejoice in the Lord; Rejoice in the Lord; Lift up your hands; Rejoice in the Lord Verse 1: I once was dead; Out in the sea; Jesus took my hand; And rescued me Verse 2: If I sold my soul; For all the money; It wouldn’t compare; To the Almighty Repeat Chorus Solo Repeat Chorus Bridge: Rejoice always Rejoice in The Lord Rejoice always Rejoice in The Lord Verse 3: Trust in The Lord; With all your heart; Do not lean on; To your own ways Verse 4: God so loved us; He gave His Son; Come receive His grace; And be born again Repeat Chorus
Moments 03:59
Verse 1: Patience ... no anxiety Peaceful ... tranquility Verse 2: Joyful ... exuberant (rapturous) Kindness ... warm-heartedness (heartfullness) Chorus: Got to have my moments Got to have my moments with God Verse 3: Selfless ... generous Gentle ... merciful Verse 4: Faithful ... unwavering Loving ... affectionate Verse 5: Goodness ... righteousness Gracious ... forgiving Lord Bridge: Everyday when all the world stirring; And at night when everyone is sleeping Repeat Chorus
At The Feet 04:27
At The Feet (of Jesus) words & music by Reid Stevens 2019 copyright 33 1/3 Records Verse 1: I come to You with sorrow; I come to You wondering tomorrow; I need Your Love and warm embrace; I need You now Verse 2: With broken arms; Torn; twisted; I’ve made a mess of my life; I need You now; heal my shame; I need You now Verse 3: Show me to Your way; Teach me to love each day; Help me to see Your plan; Show me what You need of me (each day) ...I lay it down Chorus: I fall down; At the feet of Jesus; I cry out loud; At the Feet of Jesus; I lay down all my sin; I lay down all my life; (pride) At the feet of Jesus Bridge: Thank You for The Cross; Thank You for salvation; Thank You, Jesus Repeat Chorus Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus
Verse 1: Sing a new song; Unto The Lord; Sing a new song; (Sing) All the earth Verse 2: Praise His name; Day and night; Proclaim His salvation; Everyday Chorus: Sing a new song; Sing for joy; Sing a new song; All the earth Verse 3: Declare His Glory; Among the nations; His marvelous deeds; Among all people Solo Repeat Chorus Verse 4: Great is The Lord; Most worthy of all praise; He is to be feared; Among all Bridge: Let the heavens rejoice; Let the earth be glad; Let the sea resound; And all within Repeat Chorus
Verse 1: How awesome is The Lord Most High; God has ascended amidst shouts of joy; Verse 2: Sing praises to our God ;Sing praises; Sing praises to our King; Sing praises Chorus: Amazing King; Alpha and Omega; Amazing King Beginning and the End Verse 3: For God is the King of all the earth; Sing to Him a psalm of praise; Verse 4: God reigns over all the nations; He is The King of Kings and Lord of Lords; Solo Bridge: How amazing is The Lord on High (X2) Repeat verse Repeat Chorus x2 How awesome is The Lord on High; How amazing is The Lord on High; Amazing King The Lord on High (x2)
Stellar Words & music by Reid Stevens 2019 Copyright 33 1/3 Records Intro: Open up your eyes (whisper) Verse 1: Open up your eyes; And see the lights With stars of your dreams ... And shine brightly Bridge 1: Signs & wonders in the heavens Lights so stellar and wonderful ... Open up your eyes Verse 2: Let the stars light your dreams ... Shine for all to see Flying high in the sky Chorus: So stellar So stellar Bridge 2: Shine High in the sky Fly to hights you’ve never witnessed yet ... Climb Chorus: So stellar So stellar




released December 20, 2019

all songs written, arranged and produced
by Reid Stevens for 33 1/3 Records®
all songs ©2019 33 1/3 Records®
all songs ©2019 RRS Music®
all songs ©2019 33 1/3 Music Publishing®
all songs ©2019 33 1/3 Music Group®

Audio Engineering, Mixing & Mastering: Banister Murray @ The Note Pad: Atlanta, GA; Assisted by Reid Stevens for
33 1/3 Records; Tracking: January - Sept, 2019 @ The Note Pad, Sewell Mill Studios & 33 1/3 Studios (Atlanta, GA); Mixed Oct - Nov, 2019 at The Note Pad (Atlanta, GA); Mastered December, 2019 at The Note Pad (Atlanta, GA)

Reid - vocals, guitars, keys, percussion (all tracks)
Eric Clanton - bass (all tracks)
Wagner Gracciano - lead guitar (all tracks)
Jason Medina - drums & percussion (3 & 6)
Banister Murray - drums & percussion (1,2,4,5;7-15)


all rights reserved



reid stevens Atlanta, Georgia

Reid redefines Classic, Modern, Progressive & Indie music as singer/songwriter, producer & publisher for 33 1/3 Records. DM for booking concert events. His latest releases: Shine, Instrumental4, Flying, Universe & Love available now (digital) through bandcamp & limited edition cd's of his previous releases are available at concerts.

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