Hopes & Dreams

by reid stevens

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released July 30, 2011

©2011 RRS Music / ©2011 33 1/3 Records®
Written, Arranged and Produced by Reid Stevens
*except ©2011 RRS Music/Smerfmusic / ©2011 33 1/3 Records® (written by Reid Stevens & Mike Smererski)

All Songs written, arranged and produced by Reid Stevens except* written, arranged and produced by Reid Stevens & Mike Smereski

Audio Engineering: Mike Smereski & Reid Stevens
CD Mixing & Mastering: Mike Smereski & Reid Stevens @ Summerfield Studios (Atlanta, GA) June & July 2011

Reid Stevens -Vocals; Acoustic/Electric Guitars (all tracks); Keys & Piano (tracks 1-4;8;10-14); Mandolin (track 14); Theremin (track 1); Additonal Percussion (all tracks)
Keith Cox - Hammond B3; Keys and Piano (tracks 1-3;5-9;13,14)
Jim Dennee -Guitars (1,2,4,5,6,9,10,13 &14);Lap/Pedal Steel Guitar (track 13); Digiridoo & Rainstick (track 10)
Alex Filacchione -Electric Guitar (tracks 3, 12)
Jamie Reynolds - Additional Piano (track 2)
Reni Rivera -Drums (tracks 1-3;8;10;12-14); Djembe (track 10)
Dan Schreckengost -Bass (track 3)
Mike Smereski -Bass (all tracks except # 3); Electric Guitar (tracks 3,7,8 & 11); Additional Percussion (tracks 5,6 & 9)
Bill Whitford - Drums (tracks 4;6-9;11)



all rights reserved


reid stevens Atlanta, Georgia

Reid combines timeless classic sounds, progressions, positive lyrics and applies that as a modern day singer/songwriter. His 21st release, Step Inside, is available now (digital) & limited edition cd's are available at release concerts this Summer.

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Track Name: shadows & light
Verse 1/Chorus:
Shadows and light
Running in the night
Knowing what our eyes can see
It’s a mystery

Verse 2:
Things go in the night
(It's) Something scary, right?
Can I see what’s up ahead ...
Or just follow the light?

Can’t you see with you own eyes...
You know that I'm hanging on?
Don’t you even know or care where you’ve been?
Can’t you believe in something you cannot see?
Do you know beyond a shadow of doubt?

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Bridge

Verse 3:
A new bird in flight;
(Into the) scenic roaring sky;
The light gets brighter as the day turns to moonlight

Verse 4:
Shadows of the night;
Can reflect our sight;
Obscuring the clouds of our minds
at times, seems so bright;

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
Track Name: there is hope
Verse 1:
I’ve been drivin’ down the highway;
Tryin’ to get a message to you;
Traffic's been sittin’ at a standstill, what to do?

(but) There is hope, in the city;
(when) life is hard & not so pretty;
There is hope, when all is hazy;
I’ve got a Message for you

Solo(verse X2)
Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Been going through a conflict;
Hopin’ to work and make amends?;
Seeing eye to eye at the table; past odds ends

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Lookin’ upward for the answer;
When all seems lost below (the) sky;
Been carrying a lot of baggage;
(And) wonder why?

Repeat Chorus (x2)
… I’ve got the message for you
Track Name: hopes & dreams
Verse 1:
There is hope; There is heaven;
There is life; There’s a present

Bridge 1:
You can do anything;
What do you see?

Verse 2:
There is light; There’s a tunnel;
There’s a road ahead ; There’s a hunger

Bridge 2:
You can go anywhere;
Do you believe?

Tell me all (of) your hopes & dreams;
Tell me, tell me your everything;
Tell me now what you mean to me;
I need to know; I need to know…


Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
There’s a time and a season;
There is hope and a reason

Repeat Bridge 1

Verse 4:
There's a cause and an effect;
There’s a road ahead;
Do you believe?

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: run to you
Verse 1:
Watch the stars come out at night;
Burning bright in the sky;
By candlelight, shining back to you

Verse 2:
Reflect the love of your light;
All the day and the night;
Everyday, I will be with you

I will run to you; I will run to you


Verse 3:
The best part of waking up;
Is not coffee in your cup;
But, knowing that your love is true

Verse 4:
As days are passing by;
I often think and wonder why;
From the start, who was there for you?

repeat chorus
Track Name: how long
How Long, how long, how long must I wait;
How Long, how long, how long must I wait

There was a prince, given power to lead;
he was given keys to the city;
We couldn’t sing or play for the King;
Quite frustrated we sat waiting;

Repeat Chorus

The years went by;
My friends left rather sad;
They missed out and went (on) to other things;
Left alone, I sought some advice;
Thought it was right to stand up for them

Repeat Chorus

(But) I had a dream, someday to sing;
To share my gift given by the King;
I wouldn’t waste or even hesitate;
I found another way to reach out

Repeat Chorus


How do you love, those that don’t want to love?
How do you reach out and keep doing it?
There are some days, I (just) don’t want to pray;
How long must we endure it?

repeat Chorus
Track Name: king of me
Verse 1:
I used to live in a dream;
I used to laugh at it all;
I used to hide in my room;
Not even take a look outside

Verse 2:
I’d wait around for Your call;
I’d sleep all day; some, not at all;
I’d hear Your voice, but not reply;
I was just drifting along, wasting time

The way You light, the way You Shine
I wanna know You’re here all the time;
I’ll live for You; as You live in me

I need to know, just who is the king of me

Solo verse / Repeat Bridge / Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
I’m here for you, for you today;
I’m here to laugh and here to play;
I’m not the man I used to be;
Now that I know, You are the King of me

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
Track Name: a better life
Verse 1:
There Is A Better Life;
A Better Life To Live;
A Better time to hope;
When all you do is give

Verse 2:
There is a better day;
A Better day to dream,
A Better time to Hope
When all you do is love

A Better Life is ready for you,
So hold on to it, yeah;
You know it is true

Solo # 1
Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
There is a Better Life;
A better song to sing,
A better verse to write,
When all you do is play

Verse 4:
There is a Better Life;
A better day ahead,
A time of hopes & dreams ;
Fulfilled for you to give

Repeat Chorus
Solo # 2
Repeat Chorus
Track Name: victory
Verse 1:
Life is a mystery;
Sometimes you cannot see …
the road up ahead;
A blind curve, you skip a beat;
Some days you cannot breathe;
...Hold on to every word;

Verse 2:
Embrace your hopes & dreams;
Look beyond what you see;
There’s treasure before your eyes;
Blind men sometimes can see;
Know yourself, what you believe;
You’ll outshine all your past

You can call me anytime;
you can call me anytime;
We will Live in victory;
We will Live in victory


Verse 3:
Death dangles on a rope;
A chess game gives some hope,
But beware of emptiness;
Vast numbers gone before;
You know the final score;
So plan your days ahead

Repeat verse 1

Repeat chorus
Track Name: mailbox money
Verse 1:
I was working on a degree in film composition;
Scoring some movies & doing television;
Learning lots of music in styles I never knew;
If counting chord charts was considered a clue

Verse 2:
I got hired to make up cool guitar parts;
(But) it got rather difficult and seemed really dark;
It’s definitely material that makes you feel pressure;
Especially in the studio and that’s a lesson

Got Mailbox money;
Oh, believe me honey;
Got Mailbox Money;
It’s residual honey

Verse 3:
If you can read real well then you’ll make some green;
And believe me baby it’s really steady green;
There’s a handful of players all across the scene;
Who are workin’ night and day;
Just to make it on the screen

Repeat Chorus

Solo # 1 (Guitar)

Repeat Chorus

Solo # 2 (Keys)

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4:
The most profound advice ever given to me;
It must have been about the age of oh, 18;
The Engineer said, “Son, You gotta take the train,
You’d better have a ticket just to learn to play the game"

Verse 5:
Studio A is where the real deal goes down;
Get your experience from the highs & lows around;
I learned my instrument; always playing on my game;
Got my gear together and kept it well maintained

repeat Chorus
Track Name: young again
Track Name: way back home (so far away)*
Verse 1:
Way Back Home is where I long to be;
So far away, so far away

Verse 2:
Remembering our yesterdays;
So far away, so far away

Verse 3:
Now I dream of our family;
Not far away, so far away

Your memory remains;
Can you listen to your heart?
Today I dream (of) a place;
Way back home is where I long to be


Bridge: (instrumental)

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4:
There’s a light that shines today;
So far away, so far away

Verse 5:
Giving Hope of another day;
So far away, so far away

Verse 6:
It feels like winter’s come;
So far away, so far away

Verse 7:
Some day we’ll see the sun;
So far away, not so far away

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: returning
©2011 RRS Music / ©2011 33 1/3 Records®
Words and music by Reid Stevens
Track Name: coming home to you
Verse 1:
Another day, another night;
Another tear, another cry, alone;

Verse 2:
Looking at our hopes and dreams;
It’s never (as) far as it seems, you know

So, I’m coming home to you;
Yes, I’m coming home to you


Verse 3:
It’s been some time, we’ve been apart;
You’re never far from my heart, my love,

Verse 4:
Now you know, I’m here to stay;
We’ll live our lives in victory, yes, above..

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: goodnight (candlelight)
Goodnight, Candlelight;
First star (that) I see tonight;
Goodnight, Candlelight;
First star (that) I see tonight

Verse 1:
It was the night;
It was so right;
You were so lovely;
We were in flight

Verse 2:
We met the stars;
We said goodnight;
(But) We kissed ‘til dawn
... by Candlelight

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
It is our kiss;
Our long embrace;
When we’re apart;
I often miss

Verse 4:
It is our love;
You are so true;
I count the stars and think of you

repeat Chorus