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New Day Begun

by reid stevens

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awaken 01:55
(instrumental intro track)
Chorus: Hello, Welcome to the Universe It’s nice to see you, oh, so nice to see you (x2) Verse 1: Whenever I’m in trouble and need someone like you; To help me through the rough times; and when storms consume Verse 2: It helps to know that when I need a place to go; You’re always there for me; it helps, so rest ashore Repeat Chorus Solo Repeat Chorus Verse 3: As daylight falls to darkness, there are shadows cast; The hourglass deceives you, if you’re looking back Verse 4: Take shelter if you lose your balance in the flow; Welcome to the great design; the plan, for all to know Repeat Chorus Outro
three 03:39
Verse 1: 3 days ; 3 days; no light; no light Verse 2: 3 days, since I’ve seen you; 3 days, since I’ve seen you; no life; no life Verse 3: You’re eyes make a circle; Complete, without ending; Realize, realize Chorus: Father of this world; Won’t You shine Your light; Come shine it now (x2) Verse 4: 3 days, You denied him; 3 days, You denied sin; Your might, Your might Repeat Chorus Verse 5: Your Word is the power; Every living hour; True light, true light Repeat Chorus Outro: Repeat Verse 1
Chorus: New Day Begun; I’ll follow the Son; And a world within, begins to live (x2) Verse 1: And after everything is said and done; I know that You’re still the One And dreams have filled my eyes; of all that’s been left behind Solo Repeat Chorus (x2) Outro (Chorus) Life's Just Begun To Be; I can Dream, I can see, Yeah! We Are One
dream 03:22
Verse 1: I’m gonna make it happen; I’m gonna fly so high; Set fire into motion; I’m gonna reach the sky Verse 2: When dreams are written or spoken; As told throughout all time; A mystery’s unfolding; Discover something Divine Verse 3: In darkness, we light a candle; Set forth our path to go; The vision comes among us; And shows us… the way home Chorus: When you dream; when you dream Solo Repeat Chorus Verse 4: Not just for restoration; Or slumber for the dead; It reaches its potential; When its manifest Repeat verse 1 Repeat chorus outro
just a man 04:19
Verse 1: I am just a man in the Potter’s hands; shape me as You see; any way You can Verse 2: Of all life’s mysteries; this one remains to be; Help me if You please; unlock the door for me Chorus: I am just a man; I am just a man Solo Repeat Chorus Verse 3: I am just a man in the Potter’s hands; shape me as You see; any way I’m free Repeat Chorus Outro I am in Your hands; I am just a man…
Part One of Word Made Man: Verse 1: As I travel on this road; To search deep within my soul Verse 2: Looking for a future; I learned about my past Verse 3: On a journey to the center; I thirst to know the truth Verse 4: And as the Light of the world shines; It shines brighter from the east Verse 5: The darkness was surrounded; (trapped) like a thief in the night Verse 6: Soon answers were spoken; It was like that of golden light Verses 7 & 8 (chorus): Jesus is the Word, He’s the Word Made Man (x2) Part Two: (Oh My Jesus) Chorus: Oh my Jesus, You’re the One who walked on the water; Oh my Jesus, You’re the One, The Holy Father; Oh my Jesus, oh my Jesus Bridge: You are the One; You are the One
every minute 03:36
Verse 1: You know when life seems to get you down; There’s always love that can be found; Yes, a reason to live, for all to dream, it’s true; Every minute of every day Chorus: Every minute, everyday; Help us along life’s narrow way; Every minute, every day; When there seems like no other way Verse 2: When no hope seems to be around; Look up, you’re not lost; you’re found; Yes, there’s a reason to be, you see; Every minute of every day Repeat Chorus Solo (verse) Repeat Chorus Bridge: You need some helping and I need a love Every minute of every day, yeah, it seems we’re giving up Verse 3: Now we know of all that’s sound; We’ll hear the music play aloud; There’s a reason for all to be; It’s time to live, every minute of every day Repeat Chorus
all i ask 04:36
Verse 1: I long to see the light of day; Where hopes and dreams won’t pass away alone; Will I see your eyes and smile again; And whisper words only for you to hear? Bridge: The way you walk, the way you talk; The way you move; it’s like you’re dancing in the air; The way you shine; the way you smile; the way you stare after a while; Do you care? (First two times) / I know you care (last time) Chorus: All I ask is for you to live; Here in my heart; here to forgive; All I ask is for you to live; Here in my heart; once again Solo Repeat Chorus Repeat Bridge Verse 2: I’d like to see the sunlight; I’d love to be the moonlight in your hair; I’d wait for the night to fall; And the count the stars; wish upon them all Repeat Bridge Verse 3: And when we know the time is right; We’ll make our pledge into the light and go; Now you have the wings to fly; Let's dance across the summer sky again Repeat Chorus
so true 03:31
Verse 1: Have you ever made a promise for another season? Dreamed the world for words in a rhyme without a reason? I thought it was you; I thought it was you Chorus: So True Bridge: And I had to know why I followed; And made the choice to call on Everywhere I go, you’re there Repeat Chorus Verse 2: Do you ever look for signs, without a clue to follow? Make all you plans today and not know about tomorrow? Did you think it will do; did you think it will do? Repeat Chorus Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus Repeat Bridge Solo Verse 3: We’re moving in a time where everything is given; I’m open to the challenge, but I’m waiting for Your wisdom; I know it is You; I know it is You Repeat Chorus Repeat Bridge Verse 4: Consider all the days, the times & the seasons Behold the beauty; there’s proof within the reason I know it is You; I know it is You Repeat Chorus Repeat Bridge Verse 5: (same as verse 1) Repeat Chorus
run the race 04:53
Verse 1: I’ve been down and I’ve been out; I’ve been through the fire ; and I’ve seen the drought Bridge: Verse 2: I’ve been told by many a soul; I can do anything in my control Repeat Bridge Chorus: Run, run, run the race (x3) Solo 1 (Guitar) Repeat Bridge Solo 2 (Bass/Drums) Verse 3: (I’ve) been shot down and left behind; Lord, lift me up and heal my pride Verse 4: From ages past to the days to come; I know You are, the Eternal One Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus
with love 03:38
Verse 1: With all I know about Your Love… You are a greatest gift from above My heart overflows with joy Just waiting to reach my home Verse 2: I want to shower you, with love In flight; like a waterfall In time, the second hand unwinds You’ll be mine; to have and to hold Verse 3: Of all the things I have been told I want to shower you, with love (shower you with love) Chorus: With Love; you are my soul My amour, my all You are Forevermore; With Love Solo Verse 3: Your smile; as bright as the sunshine Your touch; as soft as it is warm Your love; it never goes away Your kiss; as fresh as a spring Verse 4: My heart; it beats just for you My song; I sing these words of love Repeat Chorus
Verse 1: Falling; Come lift me up Calling; For Your help Verse 2: Hold me; Console me, dear; Remove my fear Chorus: Everywhere I look; Everything I know ; You are never far from me; You live inside my heart; Give me the steps to spark; You are everywhere I go Solo Bridge: With everything I know; You are never too far from me; If ever too high or low; you know which way to go Won’t you come and shelter (rescue) me? Verse 3: Restore me; Make me whole; Controlling; Remove my desire Verse 4: You know me; Much more than I; Inspiring; Help me see clear Repeat Chorus Repeat Verse 1 Variation of Verse 2
forevermore 04:49
Verse 1: Stirring in my soul with Your promise of eternal life; I know soon You will return Verse 2: How many times can I stop and smell the roses In your garden of life? Chorus: My Forevermore Verse 3: How many dreams do I have to sleep through To make You mine? You’re always there, You’re mine Verse 4: How many sunsets do we spend together? Every day, every night Repeat Chorus Solo Repeat Verse 1 Repeat Verse 2 Repeat Chorus Verse 5: How many rainbows do I count… until I… make you mine… You’re always there for me, You’re mine… Repeat Chorus Outro


released October 23, 2005

©2005 RRS Music / ©2005 33 1/3 Records®
Written, Arranged & Produced by Reid Stevens
*except written, arranged & produced by Reid Stevens & Brian Turner

Audio Engineering by Banister Murray @ The Note Pad;
Assisted by Reid Stevens and Paul Berger

CD Mastering by Rodney Mills @ Rodney Mills'
Masterhouse in Duluth, GA (October 2005)

All Songs written, arranged and produced by Reid Stevens except* written, arranged & produced by Reid Stevens & Brian Turner

Reid Stevens -Vocals, Guitars, Keys (all tracks)
Paul Berger - Bass ; Guitar (6;8-10;12,13); Nashville Gtr (14)
Alex Filacchione -Guitar (tracks 1-5;7; 11); Sitar (track 14)
Penny Murray -Background Vocals (tracks 3; 12-14)
Reni Rivera -Drums & Percussion (all tracks)
Brian Turner - Electric Guitar, Keys and Solo (track 13)


all rights reserved



reid stevens Atlanta, Georgia

Reid redefines Classic, Modern, Progressive & Indie music as singer/songwriter, producer & publisher for 33 1/3 Records. DM for booking concert events. His latest releases: Shine, Instrumental4, Flying, Universe & Love available now (digital) through bandcamp & limited edition cd's of his previous releases are available at concerts.

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